Hello D4ers … your District Service Director here with a long overdue Service page for this year’s 2017/2018 KINpowerment team. I want to kick this off by congratulating Caroline Gunn on a great year in Service last year on the PacKIN the Passion team. She has left some big shoes to fill, but has offered to help me get comfortable in them. Thanks Caroline!

Govenors Lisa and Rob’s vision for the KINpowerment year is to focus on the following objectives – Educate, Empower, Engage. I feel strongly that those are powerful and meaningful values so I’ve chosen to connect my plan and activities to each of those.

September Cystic Fibrosis
October Canadian Blood Services
November Kin Canada Foundation
December Hal Rogers Endowment Fund (HREF)
January STARS
February National Day of Kindness
March Kin-ODAC
April Disaster Relief Fund
May Cystic Fibrosis
June Hal Rogers Endowment Fund (HREF)
The causes highlighted each month are subject to change

EDUCATE: How many people can list off all the National causes we support and say something about each? I know I couldn’t when I started. I think there’s many senior members who couldn’t today. Each month I’m going to highlight a cause and utilize our social media platform to help educate and create awareness around it. I realize not everyone is on the internet, so we’re going to rely on those club members that are to share some of these facts as part of a Kin education moment at a club meeting.

Here is my initial Cause Calendar, which is subject to change. It also doesn’t mean that I wont be promoting other causes and club projects throughout the month, there will just be a greater emphasis on these.

EMPOWER: I want to empower clubs and members to do more service in their communities by leveraging resources like the Projects database (

I also intend on sharing tips, tools, and techniques that will make project execution easier. Tools such as simple project checklists and templates, to more advanced project collaboration tools like Trello (  I’ll be reaching out to clubs that are successfully using these type of tools and having them share their knowledge and experience with you.

A requirement that all clubs have every year is to report service hours. Now we love to do projects, we just hate that administration portion, including tracking hours. The feedback I’ve received is that it’s much easier tracking them by project than trying to recall hour many hours were put in months after that project was completed. So I’ll be sharing more simple tracking templates and for those interested, I’ll be promoting a free online tool called TrackItForward ( that several clubs use today.  

ENGAGE: There’s 2 aspects to engagement – one is engaging the members, and the other is engaging the community. Both are important to keeping members interested and excited about KIN. Engaged clubs create engaged communities which leads to greater awareness and support, and maybe even new members. Working together with our Communications Director and Club Support Director, we will work actively to promote projects and then share and celebrate their success.  

As you can see, it’s going to be a busy year, and a fun year! I can’t wait to see all that you do to Server the Community’s Greatest Need.

Rick Kuzyk

District Service Director


Service Tracking Template (link to excel worksheet): Service Hours


January National Service Director Newsletter 2017

December National Service Director Newsletter 2016

November National Service Director Newsletter 2016

October National Service Director Newsletter 2016

September National Service Director Newsletter 2016

Service Reporting Vignette – Youtube Link

FLC 2016 Powerpoint Presentation

Cystic Fibrosis / KIN Watch Ad
Service – Program Info
National Day of KINdness 
Milk for Britain
Kin ODAC-National Disaster-Reporting 
Kin Canada Bursaries HREF
Get The Word Out
FLC CF Presentation 
CF Stats
Canadian Blood Service – Kin intro Champion- D4


Don’t Forget to Report your Service Hours here is the link


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