From the desk of Rick Kuzyk


I’m proud to be your District Membership Director for 2016/17. My approach to membership this year will be on Recruitment and Retention, with maybe a slight more emphasis on the latter.

We need to make new members feel welcome into the District and make sure we understand what they’re expecting out of Kin and what they’re able to give back to Kin. If we can recognize and leverage that, we will have  engaged and productive members.

While bringing in new members injects new energy and ideas into our clubs, it’s even more important to build and maintain a solid foundation through membership reteSampleOnlyntion. Longtime members sometimes lose their way within Kin – feeling they have nothing left to give their club and the Association, or that the Association has never left to give them. We need to focus on re-energizing them and engage them in ways that make them feel valuable (e.g. mentorship roles for newer members).


Another part of my plan is to recognize existing members is to celebrate milestones within the Association, and to recognize individual contributions. Together with the help of our Deputy Governors, we will be awarding a Kin of the Month throughout the year.


A positive club culture is critical to the health of a club and its membership. Some clubs excel while others struggle. We will share best practices and ideas to improve club culture throughout the year, and will work with clubs and offer our assistance when help is needed. Remember … it’s important to recognize an issue and address it quickly, because the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be. So please reach out to me if you feel you need some assistance.


Rick Kuzyk

District Membership Director

PacKIN the Passion Team