Important Update from National HQ – Changes to Dues Calculations

This year there is a change in how membership numbers are being used to calculate club dues, and we’re excited to share the benefits with you.

How it works

Instead of basing dues off a September 30th roster, dues will now be based off an average of a club’s membership from the prior year. Essentially, the membership numbers from each month will be added together and then divided by 12 to determine a club’s dues.

The benefits

There are a few important benefits that come with changing the dues billing to the new structure:

  • This method will provide a more stable, predictable method of setting dues
  • It encourages regular roster maintenance at the club level
  • It establishes a better foundation for budgeting at all levels of the Association
  • It reduces the number of members not accounted for in the current dues collection
  • It reduces the per member increase from $8.80 to $4.57

This format will also allow clubs to add to their roster over the course of the next year without impacting their 2017/2018 dues billing. We all know that fall is a great time for member recruitment, and with 2020 only a few years away, there’s no better time to recruit new members. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity!

The process

Dues billing will be calculated the first week of October. All dues billings will be emailed out to the current president of each club.  If your club has not provided HQ with contact information for the current club president, please take the time to send that information directly to Melina Hayward –

The first installment is due on November 15th, 2017 with the second payment being due on March 31, 2018.


As this is the first year of making a change to what membership numbers we use to calculate your dues, we realize that this may create a hardship for some clubs who perhaps have had a drastic decrease in their membership.  If you have any questions about the new dues billing process and how it might affect your club, please do not hesitate to reach out to Carmen Preston – As always, we are willing to work with any club to help find a solution.


Thank you,

Kin HQ

Melina Hayward

Membership Services Coordinator

Kin Canada


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