Kin Kollege

What is Kin Kollege?

Kin Kollege is really a Club Leadership Seminar (CLS) for a whole weekend at a Camp.

The purpose of this is:

  1. To add District-wide fellowship to the Executive Seminars.
  2. To utilize seasoned members in our District to share their knowledge.
  3. To expose more members to the thrill of Camp and plant the seed to go “outside the club”.

Kin Kollege was founded to help newer members of our association learn about Kin, develop valuable skills, make new friends, and enjoy in a unique fellowship opportunity. Kin Kollege offers newer members a chance to step outside the club and get a look at the ‘big picture’ and make connections, increase confidence and truly learn how their contributions help the association. The previous sessions were well attended and received very positive feedback from our graduates as seen below.


It is hard to find new members, Kin Kollege can help you keep them.

The tuition covers the Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning. The three days will be full of classes and activities, including meals and snacks. All you need is a beverage of your choice.

Your classes will include presentations, class participation, and team- building exercises. The curriculum will cover a variety of Kin related topics:

 The A,B,C’s of Kin

 History of our Association 101

 Running successful and Organized meetings

 Public Speaking Skills

 Service and Fellowship

Registration will be open to one member per club unless there are spaces that remain available after a set time. Registration will be taken on a first come first served basis. Space is limited so apply early to help ensure admission.

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Still not sure if Kin Kollege is for you?

Check out what some of our graduates have to say about it.

Jaime Gale – The Kinette Club of Medicine Hat – 2014 Graduate

When I joined the Medicine Hat Kinettes back in April of 2013 I knew I had met a group of people I would be proud to call my friends. I knew I could help the community and get out of the house and do something for me. What I didn’t know was just how PROUD I would be to be part of such an amazing group! My pride is something that has continually grown but it was bursting after attending Kin College. I mean there were literally tears!

Kin Kollege happened Sept 26th-28th just outside of Cochrane Alberta at CAMP URSA. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a place truly amazing on its own.

Whenever you go somewhere new and reach out of your comfort zone there is a little uneasiness. I felt that. But within hours I felt like I was with friends. I felt I was a part of something big. Kin Kollege helped me better understand why it was I wanted to be a Kinette and why I wanted to stay a Kinette and learn more. It renewed my faith in the greater good and that no matter how small we may feel we can make a difference.

It taught me new things about Kin and allowed me to have a deeper understanding of things I wasn’t sure about in regards to being a Kinette. We learned about Kin History, Association & Club Structure, Member Retention, Volunteerism & Diversity, Public Speaking, Netiquette and Social Media. Also taught us Rules of Order and Kin Meetings, Kin Protocol, Club Finances and Club Leadership. Kin Education Resources were discussed as well as the future in Kin. While this sounds like a lot to take in for only 2 days it was an incredibly fun environment to learn in and I am grateful I had this experience. If you would like to talk about it more and are thinking of attending please just let me know!

A few things to check out:

Teri Dousselaere – The Kinette Club of Medicine Hat – 2014 Graduate

I would definitely recommend the Kin Kollege for anybody that has been in Kin for at least 2 years. Any less time and it might be a bit too much information to take in. The facilitators were very knowledgeable and patient. The coordinators made the time that we weren’t in class a lot of fun. The venue was breathtaking. My experience at Kin College rejuvenated my desire to give back to the community and also inspired me to help inspire others. Thank you for this experience.

Margo Dick – The Kinette Club of Medicine Hat – 2013 Graduate

Kin Kollege was an amazing experience. This was the very first year and I am honored to be in the graduating class of it. I met some great people and felt like I was part of something really special. I was – KIN.

There was a lot to learn and some amazing speakers during this weekend as well as some great learning breakouts. I was able to gather a lot as well as share information with other clubs in our district and exchange ideas on how their clubs handled different things or planned different events. During this whole weekend I became more acquainted with what KIN is really about and how the whole organization works. It was all about creating new ideas and installing a LOVE of KIN into each person to take back to our clubs and our communities. It gave me a greater appreciation for the KIN organization as a whole and one experience that I can say that I was truly blessed to have been a part of. I was also selected to become a part of our 2014 District team – The Young Guns during this weekend. All in all I would say it was one rewarding experience that you would not want to miss out on.