Hi Everyone! Now that we’ve had a chance to collect our thoughts, Mike McMurray and I would like to take this opportunity to express how excited we are to be your incoming Vice Governors. The support we have received from so many of you means a lot to us. We’re looking forward to the next chapter in our Kin careers and we’re looking for some fantastic people to join us on our journey.

Mike and I talked at length and we wanted to make sure we had the perfect fit for each position on our team so we’re putting out the attached application form so that anyone who is interested in joining a District Executive team has the chance to do so. If you’re interested in joining our team please fill this out and we look forward to chatting with you about it. 🙂

Yours in Kin,

Mike and Kathy

Getcher application here!

Hi D4ers … your DMD here.

On behalf of D4 Governors Susan Dickson and Dean Faithfull, and the entire PacKIN the Passion team, we’re excited to announce the recipient of the District 4 Kin-of-the-Month award for March – Val Mitchell of the Fort Edmonton Kin club.

In only her first year as a member of Kin, Val has shown that she has a big heart and belongs in Kin where she can excel at serving her community. She’s a recent Kin College graduate and already the club Secretary, which is a great position if you want to quickly learn about your club and Kin.

Val can be seen at nearly all the service day projects that the club puts on, including those at the Edmonton Food Bank, which is very near and dear to her heart. Val even volunteers at the Food Bank on her own time – talk about Serving the Community’s Greatest Need. We can’t wait to see what more Val does within Kin.

As part of the Kin-of-the-Month award, the recipient receives a $500 donation made in their name to the charity of their choice. Not surprisingly, Val has chosen the Edmonton Food Bank as her charity of choice.


Honourable mentions go out to: Walter Jones of Rocky Mountain House Kinsmen for the countless hours he gives up to help with club fundraisers and events, Nicole Nugent of the Medicine Hat Kinettes for being a super hero and saving lives through the countless blood donations she makes, and to Steve Oliver of the Dawson Creek Kinsmen for his leadership and mentorship within his community, his club and with other Kin clubs.

THANK YOU all for what you do!

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