Hi D4ers … your DMD here.
On behalf of D4 Governors Susan Dickson and Dean Faithfull, and the entire PacKIN the Passion team, we’re excited to announce the recipient of the District 4 Kin-of-the-Month award for February – Jess Cotton of the Fort St John Kin club.
In just a year and a half as a member of Kin, Jess has quickly shown her community and our Kin family just how committed she is to Serving the Community’s Greatest Need. It’s not always easy being or feeling a part of the larger Kin family when you’re up in northeastern BC, but Jess hasn’t let that stop her. Not only has she stepped up to fill a VP vacancy in her club, she also leads projects AND has gotten engaged outside her club at the Zone and District level. We’re all grateful for her ambition and can’t wait to see her grow in her Kin journey.
As part of the Kin-of-the-Month award, the recipient receives a $500 donation made in their name to the charity of their choice. Jess has a group in mind that is very special to her, and we’re just working through some logistics before we can announce it.
A special honourable mention goes out to all those individuals and clubs who participated in the National Day of KINdness in February, which helps us celebrate our Founder’s Day of February 20th. Congratulations everyone and THANK YOU for what you do!