D4 Foundation

D4 Foundation

Benefiting charities in District 4 since 1987

What Are We?

The District 4 Kin Foundation is a registered charity under the Canada Revenue Agency and the Income Tax Act.

The District 4 Kin Foundation is registered as a Public Foundation.

The District 4 Kin Foundation supports Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin clubs throughout District 4, to raise funds through the public by offering a tax benefit by way of issuance of income tax receipts for income tax purposes.

What Are We All About?

The District 4 Kin Foundation’s purpose is to support, promote and foster programs for the benefit of registered charitable organizations or qualified donees (ie municipalities) in District 4.  The District 4 Kin Foundation has the potential and resources to help clubs in District 4 to maximize its fundraising potential through their projects.  The District 4 Kin Foundation also has a grant program that is accessible to all clubs, following an application process.

The District 4 Kin Foundation’s business is separate and apart from the District 4 Executive and Kin Canada.  The District 4 Kin Foundation has its own Bylaws (which are in line with Kin Canada and District 4 operating Bylaws and has its own Policies & Procedures.

Who Are We?

The District 4 Kin Foundation Board is made up of members from District 4.  The Board of Directors is comprised of a Chair(s), Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors.  The Chair and Vice Chair are elected positions and the Secretary, Treasurer and Directors are appointed by the Board.  The District 4 Governors serve as ex-officio members (they have a voice, but no voting privileges).  The Board of Directors meet monthly by way of conference call and hold an Annual General Meeting each year at the District’s annual District Conference, usually held in May of each year.

Where Do I Find Information?




For Project Application Forms and Process for Income Tax Receipts just follow the link below:

Who Can I Contact?

Angela Jenkins
Foundation Chair
PO Box 12055
T5J 3L2

or telephone @  780-983-7049

or email us at d4foundation@d4kin.ca